‘MySense Is Helping Me Keep Out Of A Care Home’



‘MySense Is Helping Me Keep Out Of A Care Home’

Illustration Of A Grandfather And Granddaughter At The Seaside
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Rodney lives on his own after his wife died nine years ago. He remains in their home by the seaside where he has many happy memories of their time together.

About six years ago he had a stroke which left him with a weak right side and he now uses a walking stick and mobility scooter to get him around. The keen sailor who also has arthritis was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Approaching the age of 79, Rodney wants to stay active, maintain some independence, and avoid going into a care home.

“I love staying here and don’t want to leave. We are right on the seafront and I just have too much stuff. My wife and I used to make musical instruments Rodney’s Tale and I have them all over the place.”

“MySense is a very good idea. I feel much more relaxed with somebody keeping an eye on me. If anything happens someone will know about it right away. That’s the most important thing, security.”

“I keep an eye on my health but there’s a lot more MySense keeps an eye on. My doctor said I wasn’t drinking enough water and she knew that through MySense. This kind of support will help me keep out of a care home.”

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