Podcast: The Importance Of Being A People First Company



Podcast: The Importance Of Being A People First Company

MySense CEO, Lucie Glenday, discusses the role of wellbeing and technology at home and in work

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MySense CEO, Lucie Glenday, was recently invited onto the i-wellbeing podcast to discuss wellbeing technology. The podcast, hosted by i-wellbeing director Fiona Bugler, is a monthly series which focuses on wellbeing solutions both in the workplace and beyond.

This month’s conversation emphasised the importance of being a “people first” company. With a product that collects approximately 15,000 data points per person per day, maintaining each user’s privacy is key. This is especially important when it comes to their data.

“One of the first decisions we made is that we’re an ethical data company. We are not going to play around with people’s data. We’re certainly not going to be selling it. In fact, we aren’t even going to own people’s data,” Lucie said.

MySense can be seen as a “data guardian”. The platform performs its duty by observing and analysing any changes to a person’s daily routine. However, if at any moment an individual wishes to have their information back, the entirety of their data set is returned to them, Lucie explained.

And for MySense, wellbeing isn’t only meant for those using the platform, it’s integral to every part of the business. With a team of approximately 45 people, ensuring each individual’s comfort and happiness is no easy feat.

“Wellbeing is more about mental health and the ability to feel like you can flourish in the situation that you were in,” said Lucie.

To help with this task, MySense has created a dedicated team of three employees, focused entirely on staff wellbeing. This team helps the rest of staff stay motivated and offer opportunities for development, whether that be in formalised training or even simply coaching.

“It’s all about providing as much as we can,” said Lucie.

You can listen to the full podcast here

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