Final Offer To Buy MySense Direct On Indiegogo



Final Offer To Buy MySense Direct On Indiegogo

Final perk Indiegogo
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We’re now in the last week of our special ‘pre retail’ campaign with Indiegogo.

This is an exclusive time to buy MySense directly for yourself or a loved one and receive discounts and perks.

More than 2,000 MySense kits are already being used across the UK through our partners in NHS trusts, charities and local authorities.

Families and carers are seeing benefits as they can quickly identify signs of decline with a loved one and take preventative measures to stop further deterioration in someone’s wellbeing. All helping to provide some peace of mind and reassurance during these difficult times.

We’ve created flexible payment options on Indiegogo to make MySense more accessible which you can see below. These consumer-only offers and options will end on December 17th.

MySense Flexi Offer – Buy MySense for £150 and get 3 months of subscription FREE! This is subject to a 12 months contract, so once the three months is up, there will be a £39 monthly subscription fee.*

MySense Taster Offer – Buy MySense for £349 and get 3 months of subscription FREE! After the 3 months subscription period ends, you will have the option to continue at £39 per month. *

MySense Bundle Offer – Buy MySense for £449 and get 12 months FREE subscription plus a FREE MySense sports bag, water bottle and the super cute cuddly toy of Biscuit our adorable office dog.

*Please see the Terms and Conditions on our Indiegogo page for more details on delivery and subscription options. Offers end 17th December 2020.

Your MySense kit contains:

– Gateway (home hub)

– Smartwatch (wearable)

– 6 motion and vibration sensors

– Sleep sensor

– Smart plug

– SIM card

– Ethernet cable

– App and notifications service

If you have any questions or need to know more information, then please email us at: or visit us at

MySense staff

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