Welcome to MySense

MySense is a simple-to-use health analytics platform.

It monitors an individual's health, wellbeing and behaviour patterns, establishes what ‘being well’ looks like and flags subtle changes - providing total peace of mind for them, their family, friends and carers.

Compassionate technology

We believe technology must be simple, affordable and useful. Our company is built on compassion, by people who understand what it’s like to care for loved ones.

We make peace-of-mind affordable for everyone, which is why some of our profit will always be dedicated to helping people in developing nations who have limited access to healthcare.

Your personal data promise

We want people to take ownership of their health. To do this, we use your data to learn and develop a deeper understanding of your healthcare needs. However, your data belongs to you, and we will never sell or pass data on to other parties without your consent.

Universal, affordable, accessible

From families who want to provide the very best care for loved ones, to hospitals, local authorities and charities who need to manage patient care in their own homes.

Young or old, tech savvy or not, chronically ill or ageing with dignity — wherever and whoever you are, we’re breaking down the barriers to care.

We're There.