Top Tips To Support Your Wellbeing This Winter



Top Tips To Support Your Wellbeing This Winter

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Coronavirus has led to a drastic change in the way we live our lives and as another national lockdown begins, it’s easy to start feeling lost and lonely.

Maintaining a healthy physical and mental wellbeing is important during these difficult times and there are many tips and guidelines to help you focus on keeping a positive and active mind and body.

We’ve researched organisations such as the NHS, BBC, Mind and The Wellbeing Thesis to identify these five key tips.

1. Keep connected

Connecting with your friends and family during this difficult time and talking about how you feel is important. It is normal to feel scared and confused but don’t bottle up your feelings and worries. A talk with a friend or family member can really help ease thoughts and put your mind at rest.

2. Stay active

Keeping active is not only great for your physical health and fitness but also great for your mental wellbeing by making you feel more confident and determined.

Exercise not only makes you feel great, the chemical changes in your brain can give you a more positive outlook. Keeping active doesn’t mean heavy and out-of-breath exercises. It can be a gentle jog, going for a bike ride or even just a long walk for some fresh air – which is equally as important.

3. Take control

Work out what you are in control of and what you’re not in control of. For example you are in control of your hand-washing, social distancing, isolating, diet and daily exercise. Then write down a list of things you can’t control and when one of those things come into your head, acknowledge it’s something you can’t control and try and let it go.

4. Maintain routines

It’s important to keep up your self care and hold onto as many normal routines as possible such as; getting up at the same time, washing, eating your meals at regular intervals, watching your favourite TV show or listening to the radio. Try and limit the amount of news you watch or listen to, setting a specific time in the day to check in and use trustworthy sources such as GOV.UK and the NHS website.

5. Do things you enjoy

This is really important. Do things you enjoy. Things that make you happy. Like picking up a book you wanted to read for a while, playing a board game or doing some arts and crafts. Learning new things also sets us new goals which in turn is a great way to boost your wellbeing. It improves self-confidence and self-esteem and helps you build a sense of purpose and determination.

Samirah Baurtally
Senior Marketing Manager

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