The Registered Nurse Leading MySense Customer Success



The Registered Nurse Leading MySense Customer Success

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MySense is home to many talented individuals with experience in a variety of fields. One such person is our Customer Success Lead, Monica Menniti, who is also a Registered General Nurse. At MySense, Monica’s day to day focuses on client needs. This can range from face to face calls with clients and collecting feedback on their experience interacting with the MySense box to helping them interpret what they are seeing on their dashboards and take appropriate action.

“I help transition from that initial meeting where people and clinicians discover the product to something that is usable in daily life. My goal is to help them get to a point where they can’t remember how they managed before MySense,” said Menniti.

Menniti believes her strong background as a healthcare professional is fundamental:

“It helps to have a real world understanding of what the issues with the individuals are and what the issues the caregivers might have in their day to day lives. I understand what it’s like to support people with multiple conditions, or with complex needs.”

Having worked in the care sector across four continents, Menniti has no shortage of personal experience to draw on. Her dedication to bettering the lives of others began early on and was sparked by volunteering in nursing homes throughout secondary school.

“I moved from healthcare into tech because I’ve lived and worked as a nurse in many different countries. What’s consistent across all those places is that they all had issues which could have been improved by the right technology,” said Menniti.

MySense has allowed Menniti to blend her two passions together and continue to dedicate her career to helping others. She has recently been recognised for her efforts and has been shortlisted for the 2020 We Are Tech Women Awards.

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